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Why Choose the FRESH! Dairy-Free Meal Subscription?

At FRESH!, we're on a mission to make eating healthy easy. This starts with our dedication to high-quality meals, which we believe begin with high-quality ingredients. Our chefs craft each meal using the finest farm-to-table foods, ensuring they come from the earth, not a lab. Once the meals arrive at your door, heat them and enjoy a nutritional dish in minutes.

We work hard to continuously spice up our menus, giving you new weekly options to keep you on your toes. We rotate hundreds of meals each week, giving you endless possibilities to shake things up and try new foods!

Benefits of Dairy-Free Meals

- Increased weight loss: Foods and liquids like yogurt, butter, milk and cream are full of natural and added sugars and many calories. Eliminating these sugars and calories from your diet could be the turning point in your weight loss journey.
- Improved digestion: With large amounts of lactose, gas and bloating aren't far behind. Cutting dairy from your diet can create a more stable and smooth-sailing digestive system.
- Clearer skin: Dairy is a significant contributor to oil buildup and inflammation growth in your body, which can potentially cause acne. Less dairy could mean less oil and healthier and clearer skin.
- Higher energy levels: Dairy is difficult to digest, requiring more energy to process. Without dairy, your body won't have to work as hard or spend large amounts of energy, allowing you to put your energy to better use.

Prepared and Delivered Meals that are Dairy-Free

View our paleo and vegan menus to view our dairy-free meal options.

Eating dairy-free can be challenging, whether you're lactose intolerant or going on a diet to improve your health. Luckily, FRESH! makes it easy to get your hands on the foods you need without searching through food labels. Leave the cooking to us so you can spend more time enjoying delicious, nutritional foods perfect for your dairy-free lifestyle.

Save Time & Eat Healthy

Between running errands, working and taking care of the kids, we understand there isn't much time in the day. You're likely left without time to prepare a nutritious, tasty meal. That's where we come in.

At Fresh Meal Plan, our world-class chefs prepare flavorful dairy-free meals delivered right to your door. Count on our team to give you what you need on your journey toward healthy living. Any Paleo or Vegan meals on our menu are dairy-free.

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Why People Love Fresh Meal Plan

Chef Designed Meals

Our head Chef was trained at the Culinary Institute of America: your food is in excellent hands!

Fresh Rotating Weekly Menu

We rotate hundreds of meals weekly to always keep your taste buds guessing!

High Quality Ingredients

Grass fed beef, local produce, and antibiotic free Chickens. We believe in serving the good stuff.

Ultimate Flexibility

Customize your weekly meal count, and browse six different menus to make your perfect meal plan.

Common Questions

How long do meals stay fresh?

We are excited to deliver the meals you love in eco-friendly packaging! The new fresh seal technology keeps your food fresher longer. Plus – the containers are made with BPA free material, and are fully recyclable, creating. Every meal has an expiration date but are designed to last up to 10 days unopened in refrigeration.

How are my meals delivered?

National (48 States) Via Courier If you are in the any of the 48 states with exception of South Florida, your meals are shipped in a Insulated box with ice packs and carefully sealed to ensure quality. Each week you will receive a tracking ID directly to your e-mail so you can follow your shipment every step of the way until it arrives at your door! *Due to possible delays, we currently only ship to residential locations. We cannot ship to a business, office or PO Box address. Local (South Florida from Orlando to Miami Dade County) via Contact Free Driver Orlando to Miami-Dade County, we offer hand deliveries once a week. Your meals come in a Fresh Meal Plan cooler bag designed to keep your meals cool with ice-packs during your delivery time window until you are able to bring them inside. *Please make sure if you are local to add special delivery instructions for our drivers, especially if you live in a gated community so we can ensure your meals get to you with no issues!

What is "A La Carte?"

A La Carte ordering lets you choose your FRESH meals every week without needing a subscription! Just want to try us out? Here's your chance! We think you're gonna love it.

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