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Step One

Select a Meal Plan that Fits Your Lifestyle

We want YOU to create the perfect meal plan. Don't like spicy foods? Let us know and we'll hide those meals from your custom menu. On a strict Keto diet? There are menu options for that! Is seven meals the perfect number for you? You can customize your plan however you'd like, because healthy eating should be easy.

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Step Two

Choose From Hundreds of Rotating Meals Each Week

We offer 100+ different meal choices each week, and rotate our meals weekly. Healthy eating also shouldn't be boring, and with FRESH! you can be sure you're getting an incredible variety across the board.

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Step Three

Customize Your Plan With FRESH+ Add-Ons

Single serving meals are great, but sometimes you just need a quick dinner for the family, or a healthy snack for on-the-go. Our FRESH+ menu is loaded with healthy proteins, sides, snacks, and desserts so you can achieve all of your healthy eating goals.

Step Four

Manage Your Marvelously Delicious Meals in Minutes

We make it easy to manage your meal plan- just log in to your account to change delivery instructions, skip weeks of meals, or change your dietary preferences/restrictions in a snap. The last thing you need between you and healthy eating is a clunky old website!

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