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Is Meal Kit Delivery Worth the Cost?

Is Meal Kit Delivery Worth the Cost?

Many individuals, families and couples wonder about the cost of meal kit services. Food boxes are worth it if you want to save money on meals and long for easy meal-prepping, fast dinners and good food. For those who don't enjoy cooking, find it hard to schedule time for cooking long meals and like to use the takeout menu or delivery service, a meal kit costs much less than expensive ingredients or constant restaurant orders. 

You can decide whether meal kits might suit you by comparing the cost of meal kits versus groceries or takeout.

Are Meal Kits Worth It?

Meal kits have become very popular as more people enjoy the benefits and ease of delivery services and takeout. Meal delivery services have started catering to customers who want easy but healthy meals or ingredients. Meal kits offer pre-portioned servings and ship directly to customers' doors, making them a helpful service to customers from all walks of life.

So, are meal kits worth the money? Many meal kit companies offer discounts for new customers, including free meals or a certain percentage off the total price if you are a first-time subscriber. Remember that having a regular subscription to a meal service means each meal can cost several dollars per serving, which might equal the cost of some takeout meals. 

Meal delivery cost comparisons can be helpful. Depending on how many meals you get per week, you might have to buy a few extra groceries to cover your daily food. It all depends on whether you would spend more weekly money on takeout and groceries versus a meal kit and extra groceries. 

For some, the promotional part of a meal service may be worth it, but a weekly subscription cost may not. For others, a meal kit subscription is far less money than what they often spend on takeout and groceries. 

Other Benefits of Meal Delivery Service

benefits of meal delivery service

Meal prep kits do save money when the cost of groceries and takeout is higher than the price of a subscription service. Here are a few more benefits of using a meal delivery service.

1. Saving Time

Meal prep kits save you the time you'd spend preparing meals, cooking items or buying ingredients. When you have more time, you can destress, get ready for your day and boost your energy. You can even use the extra time to complete hobbies, work or exercise without the stress of meal prepping on your mind.

2. Reducing Stress

Meal preparation kits help reduce the stress of grocery shopping and cooking. Some individuals and families might struggle to choose meals, find ingredients or cook for themselves or their children. In other cases, maintaining a healthy diet may cause stress and anxiety as you work hard to find the proper meals. Meal kits eliminate this stress by carrying the mental load and helping you choose meals and food items with pre-determined portions. 

3. Providing Routine

Meal kits provide a routine for you or your family. A stable eating schedule helps build good mental and physical health while allowing you to find a comfortable routine that fits your lifestyle. You can find meals and food items that match your dietary needs while improving your health. 

4. Preventing Impulse Buys

Sometimes, meal subscription services may prevent the impulse to snack, buy extra food or order delivery and takeout services. Impulsive food choices may happen when you shop while hungry or make decisions on an empty stomach. To combat this issue, a meal prep kit makes your choices. You can make healthy food selections while forcing yourself to stick to your meal schedule. 

5. Simplifying Portion Control

Meal prep kits help simplify your portions and keep you on a healthy diet. You can control your eating habits and explore a healthy lifestyle without extra portions from excess grocery shopping or takeout. Meal prepping may help you lose weight through portion stability while addressing impulsive eating decisions such as snacking or ordering excess takeout and delivery.

6. Reducing Food Waste

Much of the food in the United States becomes waste. Meal prep kits help you reduce waste by giving you exact portion sizes. You won't have any leftover produce or ingredients that might end up in the trash, which saves you money.

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Convenience?

A good question to ask yourself is how much you are willing to pay for the convenience of a meal kit service. Meal kits can save money while reducing the time and energy spent on meal prepping, cooking and grocery shopping. If you would rather pay a fee for the convenience of easy meals, then meal kits will be well worth it. Healthy meal kits also ensure you eat well while still enjoying convenience and delicious food. 

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Variety?

Another consideration is how much you will pay for the variety offered through a meal subscription service. Sometimes planning your own meals can be difficult. You might often eat the same foods every week without knowing how to plan for variety. A meal kit can let you choose from hundreds of meals every week with the option for new foods and healthy choices. If you want to spend money on the variety of meal kits offered, then a subscription service will be worth it.

What About the Environmental Cost, Packaging and Waste?

The environmental cost of meal kits, as well as their packaging and potential waste, are worth consideration. Meal kit services may use more plastic than buying groceries, especially if you go to a store where personal bags are required. However, many meal plan services have begun finding ways to reduce their environmental impacts. That means less plastic packaging and waste. From eco-friendly packaging to locally sourced ingredients, many meal kits help reduce waste while offering a convenient way to eat.  

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