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6 Healthy Bread Alternatives Worth Trying

6 Healthy Bread Alternatives Worth Trying

Bread has been a staple of the human diet for centuries. Since the 1850s, however, bread has become increasingly processed, cause a loss in the health benefits it once had. Bread-making tactics employed by people for years and years were replaced with the Industrial Revolution’s automatic processing methods. The result is bread that gives less nutrition to us due to cheap ingredients replacing the rich elements of traditional bread. 

When you’re looking for bread alternatives, the best place to look is to make minor changes to help gain those nutrients back with other great options. Here are some of the best options you have for making sandwich staples with healthy bread substitutes.



For a long time, tortillas have served as one of the most mainstream low calorie bread alternatives. With a low carb count and the chance to still get plenty of fiber, these are a great compromise for bread lovers reluctant to give up their grains. 

Our Slow Cooked Pork Carnitas utilize tortillas to give you the substance you crave with none of the guilt!



Full of incredible nutrients and minerals, Nori, a staple of many Asian cuisines, is one of the best bread replacements. There’s a lot to love about Nori, especially the room to utilize it for any flavor you see fit. 

This dried edible seaweed might look very different from bread, but sushi lovers will recognize it well!

Lettuce Wraps

lettuce wraps

A lot of restaurants are offering lettuce wraps now, as a great bread alternative for sandwiches. Even a hamburger is easy to keep together with a lettuce wrap!

There’s not a lot of nutrients in lettuce but it is one of the good bread substitutes people rely on. When you’re looking to strictly cut calories or just eliminate bread for the drop in carbs, lettuce wraps are your best friend.

Sweet Potato

sweet potato

Looking for keto bread alternatives that are rich in vitamin C and B6, plus great for your brain and immune system? Look no further than the sweet potato. With four grams of plant-based fiber, this is a great alternative for sandwiches when you want the good things about bread without the bad that comes with processed baking.

Sweet potatoes aren’t just a healthy bread replacement for sandwiches. Adding a sweet potato to the side of a dish can be a great way to add some diversity into your diet. Need proof? Check out our Steak with Sweet Potato dish!

Rice Cakes

rice cake

Rice cakes aren’t just a low-calorie snack. Adding a rice cake into your sandwich recipes can be a great way to add some texture and flavor to a sandwich that you might be missing from eliminating the bread.

Of all the bread alternatives for sandwiches, this one surprises people the most. Trust us: give it a try and you’ll see why it made the list. 


Go Breadless Altogether


One of the options that sometimes works well is just not looking for bread alternatives at all. Eliminating bread from your diet altogether can provide positive health benefits such as weight loss!

Making a salad, a bowl, or just a plated dish instead of a sandwich, can be a lot more nutrient-packed and get the job done! In fact, it’s a great way to start easing yourself away from bread to then introduce new alternatives you might be hesitant to try.

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