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5 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Workout

5 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Workout

Whether you’re waking up early, staying up late, or squeezing a workout in midday, you want that time to count—like really count. To make sure your time at the gym is maximized for your benefit, check out our workout tips and tricks to help you crush your next gym session.

The pandemic changed a lot about us, including our workout habits. Some of us couldn’t wait to get back into the gym, while others may be inclined never to set foot in a gym again. The good news is that you can use these workout tips at home or in the gym. Wherever you get fit, these tips will help you make the most of it. 

Make a Plan

make a plan

If you’re working out in a gym, go in with a plan. Knowing exactly which classes or equipment you want to use and for how long can help you make the most of your time. It prevents milling around while you decide what to do next. Plus, a plan enables you to be sure you’ve done everything you want to work on- cardio for heart health? Check. Squats & legs presses for strength? Check. Free weights for upper body strength? Check. Be sure to include compound movements, which work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, one of our favorite pro-style workout tips. For abs, activate those muscles with every activity by engaging the core or pulling the belly button to the spine. Do more when you’re working out using the proper form of each movement or action. 

The same thing goes if you are an at-home exerciser. If you’re tuning into a fitness platform or doing it yourself, have the class in mind you’re going to play or have a written-out set of moves you want to accomplish so you don’t get distracted. 

Tips for Waking Up Early to Workout

early workout

An early morning tip? See above. Making a plan is a great way to see success when it comes to waking up. Get your gym clothes ready the night before, have your breakfast or lunch made and ready to go, set the coffee maker, and get to bed. When your alarm rings, you’ll be popping up like a daisy to hit your workout hard.

Caffeinate Before You Sweat


 Let this fall into tips for waking up early to work out: if you’re an early morning exerciser and you usually have a cup of coffee first thing, don’t skip it before a workout. Enjoy a simple cup of coffee, and avoid a heavy or filling fancy coffee drink to prevent stomach cramps. Caffeinating may help you feel more alert and ready to exercise, which can put a little extra pep into your step at step class. 

Be Present

be present

Check in with yourself before a workout: Why are you about to do this workout? What’s the goal? And then, make sure to be truly present to allow yourself to focus on YOU. This means; put your phone on airplane mode, crank up the tunes, or focus on the instructor in front of you. This is your time. 

Plan Your Protein


Working out will only get you so far. Many pre-workout tips include choosing the right snacks. Before a workout, snack on carbohydrate-rich food, like half a bagel with peanut butter, a granola bar, or french toast. After your workout, choose a protein-dense snack. A diet rich in protein will help you maintain or build muscle and can also help with weight loss if that’s a goal of yours. Protein-rich foods don’t have to be labor-intensive either. A glass of chocolate milk, a lean chicken breast, a scoop of peanut butter, greek yogurt, or cheese are all excellent options. 

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