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Fun Workout Ideas That Will Get You Outdoors

Fun Workout Ideas That Will Get You Outdoors

Warmer weather is here and with it come outdoor workouts. If you’ve been cooped up in the house while it was windy, raining, or snowing, chances are you can’t wait to get outside. Working out is always a great idea for your health –from cardiovascular workouts that keep your heart and lungs in shape to the mood-boosting, energy-boosting rush you get after a workout. Did you ever think about getting all of those same great benefits outdoors? With all that vitamin D and fresh air, an outdoor workout is just what you need when it’s nice and sunny outside. Looking for fun outdoors workouts? Then look no further. We’ve got all the ideas and inspo you need to grab your shoes and get out the door. 

Grab a Pal


Workouts, indoors or outdoors, are always more fun with a friend. Lace-up your sneakers and hit a walking trail, track, or your neighborhood. Soon you’ll be catching up and maybe even have lost track of the miles (and smiles) you’ve put on. After your walk, make it a picnic, grab a quick lunch, like this citrus grilled chicken quinoa bowl, and enjoy your time together a little longer. 

Get to Work


If you and a group of pals or neighbors are looking for something a bit more intense to keep you accountable, try some outdoor Bootcamp workout ideas.  Get a group of friends together, decide on a meeting time and place (like a park or really big backyard), grab a stereo, and get your Bootcamp playlist going. Try writing your circuits down on post-board to “post” at the front of the group so everyone knows what to do. Have one friend be the caller or counter to keep everyone on the same page. Everyone is their friend's best cheerleader so keep the encouragement coming! This best friend boot camp will have you sore from smile to toes. 

Cool Off

cool off

When the weather gets too hot for you, try swimming in a local pool as outdoor exercise. For fitness, try taking a water aerobic class or using pool weights for added weight resistance. Don’t be fooled by their lightweight look, while in the water, they can pack an effective workout. Laps are another great way to build muscle and cardiovascular strength. Plus it’s a low-impact activity, which can save your joints from soreness. When it’s too hot to work out outdoors, it might be too hot to cook. Don’t settle for takeout. Grab something tasty like beef sliders with broccoli, ready in three minutes or less without getting the whole kitchen involved. 

Jump for Joy

hula hoop

If you want some effective outdoor workout ideas to do quickly, outdoors, and on your own, head to the toy aisle. No, we aren’t kidding! Grab a jump rope and a hula hoop. Don’t mistake this for child’s play. A jump rope is a great way to help you jump your way to building muscle, cardiovascular strength, and increasing bone density. Plus skipping a rope is sure to put a smile on your face. Challenge yourself–can you skip to the beat of your favorite song? Cross your arms? Land on one foot? A hula hoop is another another one of our favorite outdoor exercise activities that can help you build core strength while working on hip mobility and flexibility. 

Find a Park 


Wherever you are, there is sure to be a park nearby. Where there is a park there are tons of outdoor exercise activities waiting. Try exploring your park with new eyes; take a hike, walk, bike ride, or skateboard. From group classes in parks, to solo sessions on your own, taking your workout outdoors is a breath of fresh air into your workout routine.